TV recording

Ok well ive got to the point where i dislike using tapes to record, or watch movies we have previously bought on tape.

I want to record things off my tv/vcr to my computer so i can put them onto dvd, however i am too cheap to purchase a dvd recorder (not having a job makes money hard to come by) i should be able to save up toward some sort of hardware to get this to work, however i want to make sure that i buy the right equiptment to do this without worrying whether if its going to work or not.

I was wondering if anyone is already using some piece of hardware that does the job for less than £100 with good quality results.

I don’t have one (as I have a DVD recorder) but I think you need a TV Card. Check them out on the net, they are sometimes called video cards.

Ensure the card you choose has the correct connections on for your devices.

Having said that, you can also buy external devices which use USB2 ports.

An good suggestion would depend on the used TV source, like analogue TV, DVB-S, -C, -T or whatever.