TV Picture Quality - Sony KF-60SX300

[qanda]This question is published in the hardware section for the Sony 60. Click here to view full specs.[/qanda]i have recently purchased a Sony <span lang=“EN”>KF-60SX300 and have noticed that the picture quality isnt as good as it maybe should be. the picture seems a little fuzzy and not that sharp… is this to do with the bulb inside? would a bulb replacment sort this problem or are the tv’s just like this?</span> <span lang=“EN”>thank you…</span>

By what means is the source(s)?


hi, i dont quite understand what you mean when you use the term ‘source’?
basically the picture quality isnt very good, it isnt very sharp and is a little fuzzy and i just wanted to know if replacing the bulb inside the tv would make a difference?
or does anyone else own a tv like this and is the pciture quality just like this??
please help!!! LOL:confused:

How do you have it hooked up?

What is the source(s) of the viewing material and what is it coming from?


i have it hooked up via virgin media (Cable and Not ariel)…
The source is from the tv through my cable…

Standard Cable?

Standard Cable Box?

HD Cable Box?

Are you using S-Video ?

Are you using DVI-I to 15 pin RGB?

The more information you provide makes it easier to figure out your problem.

It’s hard to differentiate the problem that you are describing and weather or not its how the TV is interfaced with it’s source. Standard cable sources are going look as what you have been describing, a little fuzzy and not that sharp on any Lcd or Plasma. This is because the TV is trying to maximize all it can out of the source.


I have a 4 yr. old 50" Sony RPTV and the picture quality is fantastic. It may have better PQ than my brand new 40" Sony LCD that I bought for the bedroom. I would suggest getting something like the Avia calibration disc and calibrate your tv. It does a pretty good job. It may just be the settings. Also, try another source like a dvd player or preferably a bluray player. If the PQ is better, then it could just be lousy cable input. Which reminds me, how is the cable hooked up? HDMI, component or what?

Unfortunately it does not have that luxury.

These are his options.

S-Video in (4-pin Y/C)
Headphones out (3.5mm)
RCA Audio Out
RCA AV Input
Scart1: AV-In/Out; RGB In
Scart2: AV-In/Out; RGB In
Scart3: AV-In/Out; S-Video In
Antenna inpu

The best scenario for him would be to have a HD box with DVI-I out. His next step would be to use a DVI-I to 15 pin RGB in. This is the only option to take advantage of the HD resolutions. As for sound, optical out of the HD box to a AMP.


My bad, I assumed any widescreen RPTV by Sony would be HD. Mine is HD and is 4 yrs. old. Thought the specs are somewhat confusing because it is supposed to be have a resolution of 1386 x 788. This TV is a European model released in 2004. So, it seems that you’re projecting a standard def input to 60", PQ would have to suffer somewhat.

guys thankyou so much for all your reply’s, u people are the best… I am going to try platinumsword’s and ricoman’s suggestions and will get back shortly…
dont know if this helps but the cable connection is via virgin media and is a standard cable box, and i have hooked through a standard scart lead from the cable box to the tv…
Thanks so much again!

Since we are dealing with a standard cable feed from a cable box the picture quality may suffer a little but certainly not unwatchable. The larger the screen the more evident it will be.

Another possibility may be the quality of your cable feed. Maybe a boost to your feed maybe required. This is something that I would get a second opinion on, someone that can visually check to see if the feed is adequate or not.