TV out

I want to rip a dvd and watch the rip on my tv. I have tv out but my question is what format is the best to use and what program is the best to play it with, any ideas?

2 options:

DVD-rip as in: DVD-vobfiles to HD; this takes about 7GB/movie on your harddisk and you’ll end up with an “exact” copy (=best quality). Ripping can be done with Smartripper; Playback with PowerDVD.

DVD-rip to DivX, Xvid,…; this takes about 1GB/movie on your harddisk. When using TV-out, you won’t see much difference between the original DVD and the DivX compression (TV-resolution and TV-out quality in general is lower than the DVD-source, so you don’t really need DVD-quality for playback).
However, DivX compression takes, off course, more time than just copying the VOB’s to your drive with Smartripper.
DivX compression and ripping can be done with lots of software; check some sticky topics or use the search function to get some tutorials.

Thank you for the post.
I read some of ChickenMan’s tutorials on ripping dvd’s. I finally got one to work, I move it over to the tv and i stretch it out so it fits the tv. The only problem is that I can see the border of the player, when i use full screen it flips back to my monitor. Any ideas how to put it onto the tv without having to stretch it everytime and trying to hide the border? Thanks

What software are you using to switch modes between your TV and monitor?

this takes about 7GB/movie

Okay I’m ripping using DVD Decryptor and my sizes for a 1hr40min movie are about 3gig. I play them through WinDVD and the qaulity ain’t close to DVD’s played on my DVD player. Am I doing sumthin wrong or ain’t PC’s powerful enough to play DVD’s at full quality without a seperate PCI DVD decoder. I have a Geforce4 Ti4600 and an Athlon XP 2000+ (1.66ghz).

i use powerdvd, iam using chickenman’s tutorial on how to rip dvds to divx, they all fit onto the cd and are fair quality. The only problem i have is when I put them full screen onto the TV the quality really goes down and you can see the border of powerdvd. Any ideas

If you are using an Nvidia card make sure you have the viedo overlay set to secondary. This should output full screen video to the TV-out of the card. Also (if you are using an Nvidia) you should check out TV-TOOL (at It is a little program that can dramatically improve the TV-output quiality of most Nvidia cards. I tried it out and it is well worth the $11.60 I paid for it (actually 10 euros).

You might also consider using a different player to watch the ripped DVDs. Windows media player will play them as long as you have another DVD program installed. I know it is Microsoft and most people don’t like them, but there is a chance it will give better results without the border around the image.

Hi dag655321, is there other similar tools, like TV-Tool, that knows how to work with ATI chipsets ?