TV out troubles

I have a Realmagic Hollywood Plus card in an old pc. I would like to use this machine an mp3 machine / dvd,svcd,vcd,etc player. It has a tv out on the card for watching DVDs. What I want to know is there any way to get the desktop to display on my T.V. screen using this card. DvDs,svcd,etc. work fine.

Well on my nvidia and ati cards, you have to Right Click on desktop->Properties->Settings Tab->Advanced-> Then from there, there should be an option located somewhere to output to tv.

The Realmagic Hollywood Plus card is a Hardware MPEG / DVD decoder card. It is only able to ouput video streams that itself does the decoding for.
It is not able to be used as a TV-Out for normal pc useage sorry.


Look for an S-Video output. If none is present, PeebZ may be right.

PeebZ is right :slight_smile:
thanks all for replying.