TV-Out related question

I was having some troubles with my videocards TV-out. I’m the owner of an Asus Geforce4 Ti 4400 128ram, and of course i bought a cable and a scart adaptor cause i was anxious to watch some DVD’s on my TV.
Well i hooked it up and it worked, i used nView to clone my screen and my desktop showed up on the television. But everytime I try to watch a DVD using Windows Mediaplayer or PowerDVD the window normally showing the movie now instead shows nothing at all. My regular monitor shows the movie flawless, but the television refuses to give me an image.

Pretty desperate actually, help would be appreciated.

Thx, Begby

Try to set your TV as primary monitor in your Nview tab.I have a radeon 9000 and if I don’t set the tv to primary monitor it just gives a purple screen on my tv when I play a movie.

dude, thanks a LOT!!!
i tried it and it worked. Now i get the black screen on my pc monitor, but i just switch the primary after i watched my movie. Thanks again.


Many video cards cannot output to both TV and monitor at the same time due to power consumption and heat issues.

Have the same problem, but it started with the new detonator drivers. Have a geforce 2 mx 400 (know it’s old) and with older drivers 2 screens played perfectly, but indeed you can just change tv to primary monitor. For me that’s not so good, having just 1 screen playing divx, i always watch movies with subtitles and always sync em with subsync, so i have to change primary screens all the time!!! :frowning:

I have the exact same problem and discovered that when using the detonator 30.82 driver you don’t have this problem. Any driver newer creates the problem. Somewhere else i used to read that this has something to do with overlays…

problem is, i want to use the newest driver. and nvidia doesnt seem to have any support desk