TV Out Question and more

To use TV out with a TV that only has scart sockets, would i need a composite cable to plug in the back of the PC?
Then composite to plug into the scart block which also has sockets that can take the yellow, red and white cables.
Is composite only video because when i used it i couldnt get sound on the TV.
So would i need to plug a composite from the PC to the scart switch plug thing?
Then plug a red and white ended cable into the red and white sockets on the scart block thing and then plug the scart plug into the TV?

Now, I have used a Stabdalone DVD DivX Player to play my videos i stopped using it because:
The codecs are on the firmwares so they cant handle freezes that well.
Used the Freecom Media Player stopped because, again theyre hardware based codecs.
I want a thing like that where you can install software codecs and software media players like WMP.
Because im fed up with films freezing on stabdalones and i dont wanna go thru the hassle of trying to fix the freezes.

I’ve got 2 more ideas left now and id be really grateful if anyone could recommend anything else.
I’m after a device with a built in hard drive that i can transfer the videos from the pc to the device then plug it into the TV.
I so far know of a chipped x-box and just a computer with a TV out but all that is too expensive.
Maybe a proudct that specialises in that sort of thing?

Help would be appreciated, cheers people!!

If I understand your question, why not simply upgrade your video card? I know the break out box for my 9700 AIW has composite out, but you can get something much cheaper that’d give decent performance. The red and white RCA jacks you described are the audio signal. Check this page out, it gives some basics.
The audio out is handled through an 1/8" stereo mini plug to RCA connector that you can find at virtually any electronics store. Assuming you have a sound card, you’d run your front outs to the television with that connector (or simply use the PC sound if you have decent speakers).

You definately want to use the rca connections for everything if possible. That will give you the best quality.