Tv on your pc



hi, ok im really new at this and totally clueless:o…i have areally stupid question…ok so i don’ have a tv which means i don’ have saellie or cable obviously, but i want to have i on my pc…now i was looking into the new nero liquidtv but of course i need a tv sourse…is there any way around this my internet is cable…i was reading ab satellite tuners but still have no idea how they work…can anyone help me?

thank you!


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

One of the easiest solutions is an external TV tuner. With this you can watch television in your computer, and also record programs (if you have enough free space in your HDD of course :p)


but i would still need to subscribe to cable service wouldn’t i?


To watch pay-TV yes, but there are also free transmissions :slight_smile:


ok thanx u for the info:D