Tv-movies won't open full screen

When i try to watch tv or free movies on line ,and click to go full screen, it opens ok but kind of freezes and the screen starts flip, 1 frame at a time as in a slide show ,but audio still plays.Some open ok.the tv shows on fox or abc shows open full ok ,but cbs and nbc freeze some what and flip. I can watch some free movies on line ok. divx,or veoh always open full.Thy all open in the small player.Tanks for any help you can give me on this. Xbill

Maybe you need to update/upgrade your embedded flash and macromedia players. See

I checked on flash and it was up to date.

The next question would be what type of videos? If they are SD (standard definition) and they are skipping, they you are likely having a software or driver issue. If they are HD, it could be hardware (ie: your PC isn’t fast enough), drivers, software. It could also just be the internet connection or congestion at the time you are trying to watch the vids.

I checked on flash and it was up to date,but i decided to re install it and now it is working fine. Thanks. XBILL