TV makers conspire to kill HDMI with HDBaseT



TV makers conspire to kill HDMI with HDBaseT.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A single input that combines audio, video, Internet and enough electricity to power a television? It sounds too good to be true, but a group of electronics makers say the so-called HDBaseT cable is coming this year.

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Well I am waiting until they get the tv that allows me to inter the tv and make love to some of the actresses like 7 of 9


I think someone forgot to tell these guys that they are supposed to invent technologies which require consumers to buy expensive new cables. Monster Cable isn’t gone be happy about this one…


AC on 28 guage solid copper? Better be living next to a Fire Hall!
I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one. Due to all of the variations in wiring
technique, we only have a 50/50 chance of getting HDMI-Cat 5 converters to work.
Monster shares are still safe for a while.


I can picture it now, a HDBaseT cable sold by Monster Cable Inc. sells at $550 retail. Marketed at people that have no clue that a digital signal doesn’t lose quality, it either works…or it don’t. It makes me sick that companies rip off the consumer because they had no clue.


I agree 100% no need to rip people off, the same signal is going to look the same, no matter what brand cable is used!


Isn’t Cat5 24 gauge?
100W of power is plenty of amps, depending on the voltage …
Keep mind that there is 4 pairs of wires in each cable … that lets you deliver either 4x single phase power circuits, or 2x three phase circuits with neutrals (6x single phase balanced circuits equivalent).

If they increase the voltage, they’re gonna need to upscale their insulation on those cables to prevent electric shock …

If they do that … monster cables is safe …
Our cables are insulated to 10x the voltage rating of generic brand Cat5, that makes our signal:noise ratios 100x better …

The Monster motto: Perfecting the art of milking stupid consumers, with baffling bullshit, since … (when did monster start anyway?) :wink:


Hey … will they finally kill off the stupid HDCP that causes many problems in switches/receivers/Multi-TV configurations?


[QUOTE=debro;2529675]Hey … will they finally kill off the stupid HDCP that causes many problems in switches/receivers/Multi-TV configurations?[/QUOTE]

This is the same group of companies that brought us HDCP, what do you think? there’s no reason to think that the exact same HDCP will not be used.


Whats wrong with HDMI? Do they think we need to be FORCED to buy new gear all the time just becuase they are loosing at the track?
I finally get a bunch of HDMI gear, a good remote switcher, and plenty of good cables, now they want to change it up yet again?
Have they been taking notes from Wintel or something, geeez. They bare got HDMI working OK for most users anyway and at least all my gear seems to play nice so far as long as I get cables they all like:rolleyes: