TV industry leveraging social media to keep viewers interested

TV industry leveraging social media to keep viewers interested.

[newsimage][/newsimage]On the afternoon of Saturday February 12th, HBO2 aired Howard Stern’s autobiographical film “Private Parts”. Ordinarily, people wouldn’t be running to their televisions to tune into a 14-year-old movie that is fairly commonly aired, however this time was different. Stern, who had just started a Twitter account of his own a couple of weeks prior, began to live-tweet along with the film and gave viewers a unique inside perspective that had never been available before.

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I give them credit for trying something new but I don’t see this catching on and generating much additional viewership. This is already being done to a certain degree by the major cable channels when they have hosts that give similar information when the film airs. For me personally, there is nothing Howard Stern can tweet that would make me sit through that movie.