TV Guide On Screen is missing some channels. How do I add them?

Well, after waiting 24+ hrs since my last resetting of the 720, I have the Guide configured. Or at least, some/most of it :rolleyes: . There are still channels missing however, and I’d love to add them in, but I’m not sure how to do that. These channels are ones that are above 125.

In the troubleshooting section, the manual says the following:

“In the TV Guide On Screenâ„¢’LISTINGS’ screen, I see too many or too less TV

The number of TV channels depends on the setting in the TV Guide On Screenâ„¢sytem settings.

If you have a cable box installed (cable box ‘YES’), then you should switch on the available channels
(Channels above 125).

If you have no cable box installed (cable box ‘NO’), then you should switch off the channels which are not

The only trouble is, it doesn’t tell you how to switch on the channels above 125. :doh:

They don’t appear in the channel list on the Setup menu’s Change Channel Display screen. I manually type in the number of the channel on this screen and I’m told it’s unavailable.

I want to add a few channels in the 130s, 140, and 200s. It did not detect these channels, so I cannot turn them on or off. It did detect channels in the lower range (under 125), and even a couple in the 150s but it seems to have missed the rest of them completely.

Anyone have any thoughts on how I can add these channels?