TV Everywhere initiatives will mean the end of free TV



TV Everywhere initiatives will mean the end of free TV.

[newsimage][/newsimage]As more networks put crazier and crazier limitations on internet accessible television, customers will continue to adapt. And that's bad.

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This is getting ridiculous… One of the primary reasons why I don’t even watch live TV anymore - I don’t have to worry about this crap, I just wait until the season is over with of the show I want to watch and then either buy it for cheap, or wait for it to hit Netflix or some other online service and watch it there.


I’m already spoiled by RSS feeds of my favorite shows. Don’t really care which commercials are sponsoring anymore. Even some cable-tv channels are legally or illegally streamed on the internet these days if you wanna see what commercials are around… Also conveniently, some of the channels like ABC stream the news free of commercials to the web! If I’ve ever seen a reason to cancel a cable-tv subscription, it’s now!



Can’t remember anymore when i seriously watched a tv series or movie via the commercial channels.