TV Episodes to DVD

Here’s the deal: I have a couple seasons of Friends on my computer that are all in the .avi format and I am wondering how to put all of them on DVD-R’s, using less than 10 DVD’s, if possible. What program should I use to do this so the resulting DVD’s can be played on a standalone DVD player? Each individual episode is an .avi file ranging from 70 MB to 130-150 MB and I’d like to fit as many episodes on one DVD as I can. Also, it would be great if there’s any way to compress these files to fit more without losing much quality, if possible.

If anybody has any suggestions or advice for me to do this, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m looking for something that is fast, has good quality, and hopefully easy to use. So far, I have Winavi Video Converter, DVDShrink, Nero, and a DVD Burner, but acquiring other necessary software/programs won’t be a problem. If any advice, please post back or email me at

Thank you so much!

I am not sure but I think that VSO makes a program called ConvertXtoDVD that does this quite nicely. Check it out.

You can do this with NeroRecode2 by using the “complile mode”, works nicely.

Get a cheap Cyberhome for 40 Euro and watch the movies on your standalone without the need for any conversion.