Tv connection doesn't work

I have a radeon 9000 with a s-video output. I connected it with a s-video/scart cable to my tv (I selected in the menu the EXT2 s-video option). I installed Catalyst 6.11 and tried every option possible, but I don’t get a a reasonable projection on my tv screen. I see half of my desktop up and the other half down, the colours are changing and the screen is flashing. I put it on 60Hz and 800x600, I don’t get why it’s not working. Maybe someone has an idea?

is it a widescreen 16:9/16:10 lcd tv? does it have svideo/rca/d-sub inputs? what tv exactly is it?

it’s a normal tv, rather old, with two scart and one antenna inputs. I can’t find a type name. It’s a Salora with ‘nokia technology’ and there is written ‘super digital’ on it. But, as I wrote, it has a ‘s-video’ option in the menu.

Usually entry models of video cards like the Radeon 9000 have poor output (and performance). I can see quite a difference using s-video on my laptop (Intel GMA950) and a Radeon 7000. You could try another cable but at least in my case its the card itself. Also be sure to apply the correct NTSC or PAL mode depending on your TV.

I tried all the pal-modes. Even tough the quality of Radeon 9000 is maybe not great, it should be better than what I have now…I guess.

I tried to make a connection with a ‘s-video to composite’ plug - composite cable - and a scart plug (with three inputs; red with yellow). Now I get a better view, but it is black and with… I guess I should rearrange the connections in the s-video/scart cable and than it should work.

Check you TV connector type and make sure you have the right connector from you Vcard to your TV subject your tv has PC input.