TV Card Software 4 Free

Does anyone have any good sites where i can get tv card software for free not warez or anything like that i mean basic programs people have made for free…i have searched google and all of them are pay ones i would like one’s for free.

Please Help

Do a google search for a site called vcdhelp. The have capture software and such.

There is a really good TV tuner program, im not sure what its called. But the icon of it is Fred Flintstones face, The entire thing is in German. The great thing is that it could decode encrypted TV signals and it was free.

The free Proggy (with FredFeuerstein as logo) is MoreTV! Download at


Cheers, I couldnt remember the name

Don’t know if your still interested but dscaler is by far the best freeware tv card software out there. Go to to check it out.

I would have to agree about Dscaler being the best prog by far.
It uses bugger all resources too, with very little if any setup or config problems…

Try it at
they have a link to it there

as you asked for a tv site then i’ll give you it:

It’s in czech language but the download section on the right is easy to understand…


Thank you Cronus