TV card capture program

Hi there, does anyone know of any program that I could use with my Askey TView 99 card to capture the images. I have tried PowerVCR 2 with no luck, my card’s not supported.

There is a facility to capture with the software that was included but the compression rates are huge ie 2mins=500 mb.

Any suggestions?

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do you have divx installed?
Doesn’t the capture software allow you to choose between different compression software like divx or mpeg??

Hi Damian, the problem I have is that the TVcard has very poor compression encoders included or to me it seems like it. On the otherhand it does come with Mpeg4 (microsoft), and when I tried that it takes nearly 500mb for 2 mins of footage.

I’ve been told that there is a program called Virtual Dub that might do it. At school right now so I can’t test it out until I get home.

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yeah…virtual dub can do it

try it…i think they have it here;

Thanks for your speedy reply!! Have to wait to get home to download it though!! LOL

The spec of your pc is kinda similar to mine, have you ever tried ripping DVD movies? I used DVDx 2.0 and it rips and encodes movies eg 1hr 28mins playtime to 2hrs 40mins (including playtime). That’s fairly fast and I’m using the LiteOn 163D drive as the reader.

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i use dvdx2 also…

i also use TMPGenc

Sorry Damian, I forgot to say that the TVcard is old and when I first installed it on my AMD K6 300mhz system it would freeze whilst recording *.avi files, but last night when I dug it out and installed it (watching the football in bed!!), I tried recording it and it was just like setting a VCR. You could watch the program without any freezing of frames and the playback was of good quality.

It would be nice to be able to record some programmes that I could send to my friends overseas.

Thanks again!!

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What kind of card was it??

I got an old Haupenug card, I hade some troubel with it in my last comp so I havent botherd yet, but it might be nice to have.

Try MJPEG codec. Its good & fast.

My TV card is the Askey TView 99 card, bought in 98/99…lurking around in some old boxes, only dug it up to watch the World Cup on.

I’ve got Virtual Dub now, but can’t seem to figure out how to install the encoders to compress the files with. Most of the one’s I have used so far like PIC and the MJpeg are commercial products. I was really looking for freeware.

So if anyone knows of any please let me know!!


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use divx or xvid