TV card AverMedia doesnt works after installing (& unistalling) Alkohol, any help?

Before 6 Hours:
Hi All,
I got a problem with Alcohol. Its not only mess with my DVD/CD [minor!] but also blocks the ‘Filter’ that AverMedia TV card uses[Major!!!] and i cannt see TV. All these refered to the drivers ‘a347bus’ & a347scsi’. So any time i need to mount a file i had to install and unistall it afterwards.
But with the ‘Alcohol 120% v1.9.2.1705’ that i used yesterday the problem continues and after i unistall it!!! I remove files manually from the Registry as well as from the ‘System 32’ folder as well as i cut the 2 files [‘a347bus’ & a347scsi’] from the ‘driver’ folder but still nothing!!![Got Asus NVidia motherboard and ATI 9600pro gr. card if that helps!!!]

After 6 Hours:
I read ALL the previous users reports with similar problems and i managed to clear my pc from the GOHST drivers but for that i had to erase the ‘‘plug & play drivers’’ from the Device Manager. Now i re-install the TV card but there isnt working even after i re-installed and the motherboard drivers!!! Any other suggestions before i do the format?

Here u can see my screen shot: