Tuxedo prob's?

hi… i’ve made backup’s of several movies out of my 100 or so collection of DVD’s. mainly region 1’s.
had no problems using DVD Decryter, IFOEDIT, DVD2AVI & PRASSI PRIMO to burn.
Did all my homework looking through FORUMS for a few months and finally bought Toshiba SD-R 5002. which is fantastic and been having fun.
Recieved ’ The Tuxedo ’ DVD Region 1 W/S last week and have spent a whole week figuring out & searching for answer’s.

when i rip the movie & preview it with DVD2AVI , it is PROGRESSIVE and the movie is playing very fast. Also it states FILM 97% after running it for a minute.
Used IFOEDIT and preview with DVD2AVI still the same.
Tried burning with Prassi Primo, wont burn, tried burning with Nero, Burned but disk wont play.

Tried a guide at Doom9.org , using Decryter/DVD2AVI/ReMPEG or TMPG… freezed pc . while using TMPG although it states it will do this for a few minutes , but i left it for over half hour.

is it bcoz The Tuxedo region 1 cannot be backed up??

In IFOEDIT ,it has pan & scan / widescreen

can anyone enlighten me about progressive DVD.

:frowning: :confused:


Hi i did this film last week :-)… but i use DVD2ONE… works great… done 210 DVDs so far

Thanx. guys…!!! :cool:

have tried DVD2ONE with no prob’s…

it seems to do everything, including the SPY KIDS 1st movie ,region 1 which has multi angle.

video’s not 100% like original but still dam good…!!!

it’s a real KICK-ASS program , coz ripped DVD with DVD Decryter ,
only a few clicks and files ready to burn in about 15 minutes…

1 program does the job and faster too…!!!


had a problem about 5 minutes from the end of film in tuxedo ,
where it freezed up.

but looking through forum’s , i changed the file size from original to 4200…

hope this solves the problem…?

there is a bug with the pioneer old firmware, can currupt data at the end of the DVD-R… bad sectors

its not a pioneer dvd-wr i got…!!!

i have a TOSHIBA SD-R5002…

i think most buget media’s wont take the full 4.37 g’s…??

been using Bulkpaq 2x … Gen 4 disc to try out…

goner try better quality disc when they arrive…