Tuxedo DVD?

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hi… i’ve made backup’s of several movies out of my 100 or so collection of DVD’s. mainly region 1’s.
had no problems using DVD Decryter, IFOEDIT, DVD2AVI & PRASSI PRIMO to burn.
Did all my homework looking through FORUMS for a few months and finally bought Toshiba SD-R 5002. which is fantastic and been having fun.
Recieved ’ The Tuxedo ’ DVD Region 1 W/S last week and have spent a whole week figuring out & searching for answer’s.

when i rip the movie & preview it with DVD2AVI , it is PROGRESSIVE and the movie is playing very fast. Also it states FILM 97% after running it for a minute.
Used IFOEDIT and preview with DVD2AVI still the same.
Tried burning with Prassi Primo, wont burn, tried burning with Nero, Burned but disk wont play.

Tried a guide at Doom9.org , using Decryter/DVD2AVI/ReMPEG or TMPG… freezed pc . while using TMPG although it states it will do this for a few minutes , but i left it for over half hour.

is it bcoz The Tuxedo region 1 cannot be backed up??

In IFOEDIT ,it has pan & scan / widescreen

can anyone enlighten me about progressive DVD.

Your best bet - your absolute best bet - is to buy one of the new generation ‘backup’ programs like DVD2One, InstantCopy, etc. I’ll now try and explain why you are seeing the ‘speeding up’ and other interesting glitches. When you’ve read it I think you’ll believe me :wink:

Movies are normally shot using a 24fps frame rate and to display them on NTSC’s frame rate of 29.97fps, the 24fps frame rate is slowed to 23.976fps (the audio must be slowed to match) and a process called telecine is used to add some frames/fields to the movie to get a 29.97 frame rate.

For NTSC DVD’s and SVCD’s no actual frames are added to the MPEG bitstream (that would waste space!), instead MPEG-2’s top field first and repeat first field flags are manipulated to achieve the same effect. The manipulation of the TFF (top field first) and RFF (repeat first field) flags is known as 3:2 or 2:3 pulldown.

Pulldown is only supposed to be done on progressive video where the two fields of a frame are from the same instant in time. Interlaced video has fields from different moments in time and pulldown does not look quite as good (but it can be done).

So to put 24fps movies on NTSC DVD’s or SVCD’s the frame rate is slowed to 23.976fps. Then the TFF and RFF flags in the MPEG bitstream are manipulated so every 4 actual frames in the file are displayed as 5 frames like so:

(T = top field, B = bottom field)
(1/1 means top field first = 1 and repeat first field = 1)
(0/0 means top field first = 0 and repeat first field = 0)
(0/1 means top field first = 0 and repeat first field = 1)
(1/0 means top field first = 1 and repeat first field = 0)

4 frames: TB TB TB TB and their TFF/RFF flags: 1/1 0/0 0/1 1/0

The player uses the TFF and RFF fields to generate the video display like so:


if you rearrange these into sets of 2 you get:


for a total of 5 frames. This is called 3:2 pulldown as one of the fields of the first frame is repeated, 2:3 would be the opposite:

4 frames: TB TB TB TB and their TFF/RFF flags: 1/0 1/1 0/0 1/1

which they player interprets as:


rearrange these into sets of 2:


again for a total of 5 frames, the only difference being whether the first frame is displayed for 3 fields or 2.

PC software DVD players do not usually do this, they recognize the TFF and RFF use and just display the 23.976 frames per second at a 23.976 frame rate in which case the audio will still be in synch.

This is why the encoder may state that the frame rate of an MPEG-2 file (VOBs included) is 23.976. If you just intend to play the encoded video on a PC or some device that will not recognize the TFF or RFF flags (or if you encode in MPEG-1), you can just encode using the 23.976 frame rate.

However, if you want the file to be DVD or SVCD compliant, you need to select 23.976 as the frame rate, but in addition you need to enable either 3:2 or 2:3 pulldown so the TFF and RFF flags are set correctly (the progressive frame flag should also be set).

When the pulldown setting is enabled, the encoder must also specify a 29.97 frame rate in the MPEG bitstream as DVD requires.

To achieve this in the MPEG encoder you need to set:
Frame Rate = 23.976 fps
Field_Encoding = Progresive Frames
Pulldown = 3:2


thanx. pete…

very much appreciate u explaining in detail…

although i understand how the frame rate is now set thanx to ur detailed reply…not 100%…

i have taken advise from a few people to have a go with DVD2ONE…

it works a dream…

less hassle , less headaches from finding out what format ,angles etc…

but most important less time…with video quality still accectable…

quality is important to me as im not just a guy who likes to learn a lot about PC’S ,

but a true home cinema freak as well…