Just wondering does anybody know when the tutorial page on dvdfab.com will appear

I would not expect anything until the feature set and software stabilize for a while. You can tell by the number of betas and new releases that most effort is being directed (correctly) to the functioning of the product itself right now.

Maybe some of the users here could write a basic one and send it to fengtao or get Alan open a sticky for us to post instructional information only in to help others. I know that many of us use 1 function more than others so w could learn from each other and have the information in 1 place. I know how tiring it is to retype information. I know very little about the mobile features but want to learn them. Anyone who would like to be part of a project, please PM me an email address. I started the [I][B]for help[/B][/I] thread and fengtao made it a sticky and most information in it is outdated, but there are some usable information that could be integrated in the new one.


go here for the official tutorial


If you click on the ? at upper right hand corner of the DVDFAB you will see Tutoril and About, click on the tutorial and it will open the page and give you all the help you will need :bigsmile:

You can also click on the Tutorial link on the top banner at dvdfab.com.


do we need a new sticky?


edit// do a few of the current sticky’s need updated?

They probably do. The versions of anything I wrote are updated in the Tutorial (but not since v4). They require a moderator for me to edit the ones posted here which requires too much scheduling for me and Alan for it to happen very often.