Tutorial on using DiscJuggler

Can someone please post step by step tutorial on using DiscJuggler. I tried it on a safedisc 2.70 game and had no success making a copy.

Try here.

About half-way down the first page FutureProof has a step by step guide.


The pictures seem to be missing. Well, OK try the steps below.

First off, goto tools, options, then click the verify tab. Make sure that Check CD data blocks with software generated EDC/ECC when reading in RAW mode" is selected. This only needs to be done once.

Start Disc Juggler (DJ), create “CD and DVD Images”

Source is the SafeDisc protected CD, Destination is where you want to save the image.

Click advanced, make sure “Scan gaps/indices”, Ignore Read Errors" and “RAW read” are ALL ticked.

Click Start. If you get any ECC/EDC errors, then try a lower read speed. I had to read Devastation (SafeDisc 2.9) at 1X to get rid of them. (Had tried MAX and 8X)

Click file, NEW.
Select “Burn CD and DVD Images”

Source is the image youve just created, destination is your burner of choice.
Method is the write speed, I just shoved it back from MAX and it landed on 20X, worked fine.
You can use action to verify then write etc. Up to you.

Click the advanced tab, make sure that “RAW Write” is selected.

Click Start and hopefully when its finished, youll have a working backup :slight_smile: