Tutorial: How to download illegal stuff legally

Read carefully kids!

Ever seen Fight Club? Know it’s rules? No? Here you go.

The Tutorial:

1: You don’t tell anybody ever ever never ever never ever never that you download illegal software. You never know who’s listening.

2: never!

3: You don’t ask for advice regarding illegal matters to total strangers. Why not!? Because they might perform a felony by NOT taking you in. Got that?

4: You never ever never ever tell what programs you use, what your isp is, what your family name is and how old you are. ANY INFORMATION will be used against you.


Q: I don’t get it
A: Can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

Q: Is everything i say cached?
A: Ever heard of Google!?

Q: Is everything i do on the internet logged?
A: Ever heard of router tables for instance?

Q: Am i anonymous?
A: No. You are NEVER anonymous. You use at least one ip address.

Q: But that can be an anonymous ip!
A: Sure. Keep thinking that while the feds show up.

Q: So, in basic if you want to obtain illegal stuff you just teach yourself, ask knowledge among trusted people and keep a very low profile?
A: Tadaaa!

Q: Can i trust you?
A: Do i know you? Do you know me?

Excellante! did u come up with this or somewhere else?

all true.

LMAO! :iagree:

A lot of people who surf here require a serious reality check on what to do and what not to do.

I was expecting a big fat “Don’t!”

dunno what ya mean by that but i was asking because if you wrote it i wanted to ask permission to post in a different forum with your name and forum address for credit


  1. I downloaded black and white
  2. I downloaded the new eminem
  3. I got so many new movie’s i cant count
  4. I got more then my fair share of game’s that i have never payed for :iagree:
  5. If they ever hack my connection to find out what i am doing i am going to sue the ass off my ISP and them :iagree:
  1. You’re 14 and like to talk your ass off on the internet, so you can’t sue
    anyone until you get a job.
  1. So now that we know that, why should we help you from now on when you ask to “backup” your games?
  1. The day you actually get sued, you will piss your shorts and go crying to mommy and daddy - who have NO idea what you’re doing with that Dell they bought you.

No problemo, feel free to use it in any form.

I this tip should preceed the above rules/tips:


If step 0 fails, proceed to step 1.

He is 24.

I think most people here would be pissing themselves (metaphorically of course) :stuck_out_tongue:

Alot of people talk big, for example “if I owned DVD Decrypter I would fight them” but when you actually get the letter through the door, it is a very different story, especially when they offer you a easy way out.

They dont need to “hack” your connection to find out what you are doing, you ISP can log it anyway, in fact, now you have admited all your habits here on CDFreaks all they would have to do is write to any of the admins/mods and get them to hand over your IP (not sure if they would though).

Ben :slight_smile:

ROFL ok guys i will leave cd freak’s all because i put on the internet i downloaded alot of crap

But just so you all know it is to easy for me right now to say i was just BSing you all { BS is bulled shitting } just wanted to be are smart ass.
and befor i go the thing is if they do hack in to my line they wont find anything cus the hub’s i join are not public hub’s they are for me and my sister,bro,step bro e.c.t so even then they cant do anything as i am just shareing my stuff to my fam like everyone esle does.
but Later All have fun and i will think about you guys next time i am in the hub’s :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

No, he just said he is 24, and he seems to like “bulled shitting” a lot.
Now considering his attitude and his pathetic grammar and spelling
(especially for someone living in a country where english is the national
language), I surely hope for him that he is 14.

He may like “bulled shitting” but I still genuinely think he is 24. It’s probably best we say no more about Vegeta-inc, unless we want this thread to turn into a flame war.

I think this is more of a “how to download illegal content and reduce the risk of getting caught” than “how to do it legally…”

Anyways… As probably a good 50% of people I know use the internet for other than legal reasons, unless you are filling up a hard drive on a weekly basis or selling burned DVD-Rs at car boot sales, the chances of them wanting to bend you over their knees is quite slim anyway.

99% of the time, they issue a cease email through the ISP first so if they do come knocking on the door its your fault :stuck_out_tongue:

that was good :slight_smile:

I expect lots of topics from him when RevConnect or DC++ are the next victims. :cool:

Go with clients like freenet (Frost P2P client) or mule for some safety when downloading.