Tutorial : DivX Audio Encoding with BeSweet

[B]Audio Encoding with BeSweet[/B]

First I’d like to note that I prefer to make the audio by myself and then join it with the video file.
Not that if letting GKnot or Vidomi make the audio, it would sound bad , it’s just that it isn’t hard and I get better results. So, you can try it yourself, if haven’t yet. :slight_smile:
This tutorial is not to be read by Experts on this field (since I’m not) but it was made to help Newbies, since I felt this matter wasn’t covered.

Programs needed :

Gordian Knot : GKnot
BeSweet GUI Interface : BeSweet

1) Preparing the ac3 files

(Step that you must follow eitherway when using Gordian Knot)

Firstly, rip your movie to your hard drive using Smartripper (or vStrip) from GKnot.
Then open DVD2AVI and press the F3 button. Select your first vob, which would be like this: vts_01_1.vob
Press the F5, and then the ESC button.
Check that in the Audio -> Dolby Digital, the Demux All Tracks button is checked, but if you don’t have much space available, you could check the Demux button and manually select your audio track at: Audio -> Track Number, where you usually have to check the first option (English lanuage).
Press F4 and give a name to your DVD2AVI Project File (e.g pearlharbor) and press Save.
Wait for a while until the proccess finishes.

[B]2) Using BeSweet[/B]

Under the ‘AC3ENC’ select the MP3 output.
Unzip your BeSweet file to a folder and then open the BeSweetGUI.exe
Choose your BeSweet.exe at the left top of the window. Right down that, you have to select your Audio Input file. Go into the folder which you have saved your DVD2AVI Project File, select the .ac3 (it should be with the .lst) extension and double
click on your audio file which would be like this : pearlharbor AC3 T01 3_2ch 256Kbps DELAY 0ms.ac3. Press OK.
Right down it, select the Output name of your MP3. (e.g pearlharbor.mp3)
Select now the DSPguru_MP3@128kbps (or higher) Profile. Check the Compress Dynamic Range option and you can now press the Big Green Button saying AC3 to MP3.
A new window will pop up, doing the whole encoding job. Sit back and relax, 'cause it can take a while…

Note: If your ac3 file looks like this: pearlharbor AC3 T01 3_2ch 256Kbps DELAY -80ms.ac3 it means that the audio track is delayed. Activate the ‘Set Delay To’ button and type the delay number (-80).

[B]3) Joining Audio and Video[/B]

Open Nandub (comes with GKnot) and press CTR+O. Choose your Video File.
Check the Direct Stream Copy option in Video -> Direct Stream Copy.
Now go to Audio and select (VBR) MP3 Audio: Audio -> (VBR) MP3 Audio…
Press the F7 button and choose a new name for your AVI (not the same!)

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


(This wasn’t posted in the Tutorials sub-thread, cause I don’t have the authority to.)