Turning out coasters when copying discs



I have a Pacific Digital Mach52 CDRW, running Nero and Clone CD. The PC is an AMD K6-166 with 64MB of RAM. I’ve also got a 32X Teac CDROM drive.

I can burn music and data discs OK, but when I try to copy CDs using Nero or Clone CD, I frequently get errors and an aborted job. Even when the process finishes successfully, I often get music CDs with glitches in them. Clone CD doesn’t report errors, it just turns out bad discs.

This occurs no matter whether I put the source disc in the CDROM and blank in the CDRW, or just swap the source and blank from the CDRW alone.

How can I fix this problem?


Sometimes the CD-RW drive will write random bad areas.

I had a Pacific Digital drive (it was kinda old, only 12 speed). But I know for sure that it was a cheap-ass engine (Samsung writer drive). It gave me random erroneous files when using any RAW writing software. The CD would sometimes work, sometimes not. If it worked, it always had a bad file or two.

What I’m trying to say is that it could be the drive’s writing quality. This was the case with my Pacific Digital, and it could be the case with yours! I know Pacific Digital for their bad-quality CDRW engines (the one’s I bought were, at least…).


Does the burner match up with the manufacturers specs?? That sounds like a probable buffer underrun