Turning off page file?

Well, my question is if someone has enough ram like maybe 2, 3 or 4 GB then wouldn’t the PC run faster if it was forced to run off of the ram only. I mean the HDD is slow as hell compared to the ram. Or does my pc or anyone’s pc know when to use the ram and to use it always unless an emergency.

any input is appreciated


there is no advantage in disabling the page file, also some applications will write there regardless of the amount of RAM installed. These will crash if there is no page file present.
How RAM and swap are used, is determined by the operating system.


Thanks yeah I just did oner 3 hours of reading on this and came to the conclusion that there is no real gain

jcusimano2;I don’t know what OS you have.I have Vista & I select Custom size for the paging file the use the Vista recomendations at the bottom of the setting control panel.
I do diasble it once in a while & reboot .This is supposed to clear it.Then enable it again.
Most of the time mine stays a 16MB so how hard a time would the hard drive have getting data from that.Not much I would think.

Yep, leave it alone and let windows sort it out.

I also disable it sometimes before doing a defrag. This allows the defrag program to move all the other files around and then plonk the swap file at the end. Some defrag programs can actually move the swapfile to the start of the drive where it will be quicker.

Ok thanks everyone,
well basically i dedicated a 2gb partition on it’s own drive. (Not the boot drive) & left 2mb on the bootdrive for the 64kb debugger.

I just didn’t know if someone has a sh**load of ram can you gain performance wise by runnung without one

BTW: I have XP home SP2

FYI Windows can be set to clear the page file at shut down which supposedly has performacne advantage as well as security advantage under “Privacy” within “Security” at http://www.pctools.com/guides/registry/. It takes a little longer to boot and shut down with this registry mod, but I think the advantages are worth it. There are some other tweaks available there, and I especially like the 1 that disables user tracking.