Turning off compression in NeroVision Express?

Tinkering around, I found out that I could import VOB files from a DVD episode disc I had made with Rebuilder. Each episode was a title, and I was able to import these into Nerovision.

This then enabled me to create a menu, something I have always wanted to do with episode DVDs without using TMPGenc DVD Author ( can’t handle two audio tracks ) or DVD Lab ( too tricky and not enough menu templates for lazyboy here ).

However, in Nerovision, I didn’t seem to be able to find an option to turn off compression, even though the VOBS + menu still came to less than the size of my DVD-R ?

I set it to Automatic, hoping it would leave the files alone, but it did seem to go into some sort of compression process at the authoring stage. Can I avoid this ?

Of course, NVE may have the same problem with two audion streams, but thought I would give it a shot anyway :slight_smile:



untick the Fit To Target option or select Custom Size and put in a huge size :wink:

Thanks, MackemX. I thought I had searched through all the options but I guess I missed this one !


Well I must need new contacts, as I cannot find the “Fit To Target” option on any config screen or at any time in the build process. Can you direct me, please ?

Also I selected Custom Size and wasn’t able to find anywhere I could set the size, only adjusting the bitrate.

I am not normally this cr@p at operating software so feeling a bit silly just now !