Turning entire folders into CD images - WINRAR/ Multiple MDF MDS files

I have a game (Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines) all on my computer, but its in CD format, uninstalled.

There are 3 CD folders.

Within the first there are 32 winrar files, and each winrar file has a MDF and a MDS. Also in the first cd folder there are a number of files that only have the file-extension r(and a number) . IE: the file extensions are this are .r30, .r31, .r32 etc etc etc.

The second CD folder has 32 winrar files as well, but in THIS one each winrar file has a .bin file.

the 3rd cd folder has 32 winrar files AS WELL, but here there is a .bin file and a .cue in each winrar file.

MY question here is, how can I turn the entire CD folders into CD images, so I can either burn them onto REAL discs, or mount them on virtual drives.


You could try buying the original and making images from them. No legal commercial game comes in a multi-file BIN/CUE RAR archive.

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