Turning Audio CD to Image file using NeroCmd

Hello all, I’m new here and also with Nero or NeroCmd, so I apologize beforehand if I don’t explain things very clearly. :slight_smile:

I need to get image files out of CD/DVDs using NeroCmd so I can burn these image files to discs using different burner software.

I tried using command --disccopy and --drivename “Image Recorder” to get image file out of DVD data disc, and I can burn the output .nrg file without a problem. However, when I used the same command on Audio CD, I couldn’t burn the output .nrg file successfully.

To be more detailed, the following is the comands that I used in parameter list file:
–disccopy d
–drivename “Image Recorder”
–output_image C:\PRODUCTION\cdtest.nrg

So my question will be, is there a correct way to copy image file from Audio CD using NeroCmd? If yes, could you please provide the answer with the working command parameters?

Thanks before!