Turning an internal burner into an external one? (edit:oops wrong section sorry!)



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hi, i was hoping someone could give me some tips. i have an internal DVD burner on my desktop PC but i want to use it on my laptop. i heard u can take it out of the PC, put it into a special case and connect it to the laptop. is this possible? does the case come with a USB cord or something, or do i have to use a billion confusing cables :confused:

and also im going to get a new laptop in a few months, can i just disconnect it and use it on my new laptop as well?

thanks a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:


A 5.25" external enclosure usually comes with power supply and USB cables.
Not all enclosures will give you 16x speed, some will restrict you to 12x burning, so be sure to read some reviews before purchasing :iagree:
Some enclosures will work better with some internal drives than with others, it’s also related to Ultra DMA 2/Ultra DMA 4 stuff, and the chipset (Prolific, Cypress…)

Laptops usually use slim-built drives. Most CD Freaks won’t like them because most of those slim drives can’t do bitsetting and/or scanning and are limited to 8x/24x speed.


You can get them as cheap as about 30$. Defanatlly do your homework though as there are defanatlly good and bad ones. You can get good ones pretty cheap. What chip set they use is the most important thing.