Turning a 5005 into a 5045

Has anyone tried putting a hard drive in the 5005 and dropping the 5045 firmware onto the device? I noticed one connection for an IDE cable. Perhaps one could attach the HD in slave mode with another IDE cable that supports slave and master.

Is this possible ? Had anyone used a HD with the 5005?


Not likely different mainboard no connections different remote.

I use my 5005 with a replaytv 5000 makes a great pair.

I figured a firmware hack could allow a HD to be used as a slave, perhaps not. I would use the replay TV if it had the ability to store movies from my DV cam. Thats all I use the 5005 (recording home videos to DVD).

Just no way to connect a HD to the 5005

there’s no way, to connect a harddiskdrive to 500x units.

The reason is the LSI-chip. In 500x-units it’s the 860x, in HD-recorders it’s the 865x.

The features of the chips can be read here —> http://www.lsilogic.com/products/recorder_dvd_dvr_dtr/index.html

The 865x has the capable of handling a harddrive … the 860x can’t.

There’s no way, to upgrade a 500x-dvd-recorder to a hd-recorder …

Good Info and a Nice link !!

I check both UK and US sites and try to post answers to questions I find in common. :slight_smile:

Thanks !!!

I have an old 8 track, can I modify the 5005 to use it ?

I know it’s not ide but maybe if I put the proper firmware on track one and use track 2 to sync, the track 3 could be used for feedback!

I already made a hole in the plater so that the 8 track can goes inside the liteon! Also I need some blank tape but so far only e-bay has some at 50$ each any on-line store that sell 8 track ???

Here’s the unit I already installed in the 5005, this will be much cheaper than a HD installation anyway!


:rolleyes: Let us know how you make out when your done :bigsmile:

LOL :bigsmile: