Turn Your Couch Into A "Disney" Ride For Under $300

[The following is a release from the Guitammer Company]

The Guitammer Company announces the release of the all new wireless ButtKicker Kit for home theater, gaming and music. The new ButtKicker Kit is a complete, consumer-friendly, do-it-yourself product for home theater and gaming that quickly and easily transforms any type of furniture to become part of an affordable “4-D” theater, allowing viewers to literally feel sound including movie soundtracks, concert quality audio and video game explosions, bumps and thumps. As more and more families satisfy their entertainment needs in their own homes, the ButtKicker Kit will provide an exciting tactile addition to basic setups and for home theaters already equipped with HDTV flat screens, surround sound, an Xbox and a Blu-ray player. It’s not expensive, but it is a first class performance upgrade. Used by Disney, IMAX, Universal Studios, The Kennedy Space Center, dozens of Grammy Award-winning musicians and thousands of home theater owners worldwide, ButtKicker brand low frequency audio transducers provide high quality low frequency audio and realistic special effects, without loud volume, adding a powerful and exciting effect to movies, music and games. But don’t let the name fool you ButtKicker brand products are serious, award-winning pro audio “silent subwoofers” that provide powerful, musically-accurate low frequency effects… without airborne sound… perfect for apartments and close living quarters. As anyone who goes to a concert or movie theater with a good audio system knows, sound that is felt is an essential part of accurate and pleasing audio reproduction. The Guitammer Company is the leading expert in low frequency audio and its ButtKicker family of products is sold worldwide. You have most likely felt these devices at amusement parks or dance clubs, perhaps without knowing what produces such powerful low frequency audio and special effects. Now, for less than $300 you can experience at home what thousands of movie theater-goers will experience at select new AMC movie theater complexes beginning in January 2009, which will be equipped with ButtKicker units for all the seats. Guitammer is working closely with sports leagues and broadcasters developing a patent pending television broadcast technology called ButtKicker Live!
Link: http://www.thebuttkicker.com/


There are far better subs around for less, and wireless subs are certainly nothing new.

I have a 600W 12" sub behind my couch that kicks my butt pretty well. :iagree:

Beware of brands offering nothing but marketing hype.

They are not subs, They are transducers designed to complement your home theater and are not intended to replace the sub, I have personally seen these being used at Universal Studios. The Guitammer Company has build a solid reputation. Guitammer was founded in 1990 and is based in Westerville, Ohio. Its major clients include Walt Disney, IMAX, Universal Studios, and Warner Bros.


Err … I’ve got something similar I bought from jaycar about 5 years ago … for $20.
I got rid of it, since the accuracy was quite poor & unless I turned the amp up, it did bugger all, and then it’d work for practically any damn sound. I’d expect with 5 years up their sleeves & wonderful digital processing, they can now get it right.

It’s just a bunch of mini-subwoofers bashed into a hard cushion which sits either behind your back, or under your butt.

Highly over-rated … and highly over-priced :stuck_out_tongue: