Turn up your Detonator4 driven VGA card!

I just posted the article Turn up your Detonator4 driven VGA card!.

About 2 days ago we reported about the new NVidia Detonator 4 drivers for most NVidia based VGA cards. With making use of this drivers, higher 3D perfomance was expected.

More performance for…

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When I installed the Detonator 4 drivers, my games stopped working! When I start the games, no image shows. I have a Riva TnT based graphic card, and I have already tried to reinstall the drivers, to install the original drivers from the card, reinstall DirectX, but nothing worked. I think it is a problem with DirectX, as the tests on DirectX fail on those using Fullscreen. As it happened to enyone else?? Can anybody help me?? :c :c

I installed the 21.81 detonator drivers too with a TNT2 video card. After reboot all mpeg, avi-files provoked my system to freeze. No way of getting out of XP other than turning off the system with the powerbutton. I did a driver rollback after reboot and went back to the WinXP drivers installed before, no prob at all, so I suggest anybody that doesn’t have a Geforce card to NOT install these drivers.

Tried them too on a TNT2. After reboot, tried dxdiag.exe and it hung on Direct3D test. Had to reboot and tried again… :frowning: it worked but DirectX 8 tests were jerky at times… Any video played full screen was displayed at about 1 or 2 fps… :r Rolled-back to original XP drivers, everything is OK again :7 I think I’ll wait for the WHQL Certified drivers before I change my drivers again. Use at your own risk… :8

The same applies to me… tried the new drivers, and my system froze :c I think we should all wait for the certified drivers…

I now using the Detonator 4 under winXP with no problems at all… My creative 3db TNT2 Ultra used the win2k drivers before (in WinXP) just upgraded to the Detonator4… You guys with DirectX problems… have you tried to reinstall DirectX after installing the driver? i think that would fix most of your problems…

Well, I installed the Detonator 4 Drivers and don’t have any problems (I use Win '98 and have a Geforce 2), except that I recently upgraded my pc from a 450 Mhz Pentium II to a 1.4 Ghz Athlon, and still my framerates don’t rise! I’m still working on that, though.