Turn off RW function - NEC 3540A

is there any software/drivers/firmware/anything to change my DVD-RW into regular DVD-ROM? just wanna know if it’s possible.

need to fool nero, alcohol, my computer:) etc. so they will only see I have dvd-rom.



What is the “idea” of such an question?!? :rolleyes:

Why would you do such a thing?? You should have bought a DVD-ROM instead of this.:confused::rolleyes::eek:

Neither -RW nor -R may be set to DVD-ROM, but Liggy and Dee’s firmwares should set +RW and +R to DVD-ROM if that’s what you seek.

IMO he is talking about changing his DVD burner to a regular DVD ROM drive and not talking about bit-setting

Sounds like this has something to do with Starf**** and other protections…

If I knew which commands are used for checking, it shouldn’t be too hard to deactivate them. On the other hand they may also query drive features and profiles which would need more work for changing.

That may be good for the geeks, I mean such a software.
But on the other side, it could create more trouble than any other software before (IMO).

I’m not talking about software, but a modified firmware. :wink:

hmmm… yeah, you guys are thinkin into a right direction. Did someone ever see such a software or something? well… maybe there is something to do with a starf****, but pssst :smiley:

drivers manipulation perhaps?

no really, I’m thinking about this 'cause it would be more elegant solution than searching for my old dvd-rom, opening pcbox, “rewirering” …etc.

with SATA drives, you don’t need to do anything

it’s completely oblivious to them

The function you are looking for called BookType and this is only available for DVD+R/RW and DVD+R Double Layer media not (-) ones.

yeah… I forgot to mention I’m not trying to change the media (bitsetting!), but the drive! as far as I know, there is a DVDinfopro, which allows you to change the dvd+r/rw media into dvd-rom media. And i think NEC 3540a cannot do this with dvd-r/rw nor dvd+r/rw (dvd-r/rw would be my prefered option). (is this true?)

guess there’s not much i can do. got some ideas maybe anyone?

There is not bitsetting function for DVD-R/-RW only for (+) ones.

Hehe, for the 2nd time. I hope its clear now. :wink:

I think alexx does not care about bitsetting, but he wants to fool a copy protection that queries his drive whether a disc is a DVD-ROM or a burned disc. Bitsetting won’t help because a recorder can always be queried for the real disctype - regardless of the booktype. And I guess that is what his drive should not reveal.

Liggy, thank you very much, that is exactly what I’m tryin’ to achieve :slight_smile:
(great firmware btw :slight_smile: )

got any idea how can I do this?

I guess my wish is impossible :frowning:

If you can tell me, which commands you need to have disabled, I can provide you with a test firmware.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just unplug the drive or use an external one? :rolleyes: