Turn off after 5 sec

Hello everyone, I have a desktop with XP Profession SP2, it was workin all fine and when I changed the screen I turned th p on and before reaching the Administrator password screen or choosing the user screen a message pops up and says your computer will shut dwn after 5 seconds, an keeps givin this message whenever I turn the pc on, I tried safe mode it worked but i need to use normal mode :sad: can anyone help me…in case u need to know the pc have the virus in which when u right click you’ll get “JUST A GAME” and “if freedom is outlawed, only outlaws will have freedom”…can any one solve the problem??? :sad: :confused:

get hijackthis
click “do a system scan and save a logfile” , attach the log or copy and paste it
if your not using the internet from that pc with “safe mode with networking” then you can copy hijackthis & save the log after scanning to a usb flash drive/ipod/digital camera/floppy , as for the shutdown issue a firewall will probably solve that,enable windows built-in firewall see this article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/283673 (i guess you havnt updated windows for quite a while…better get all of the security updates) after enabling the windows firewall & installing all of the windows updates,disable windows firewall and install comodo instead its the best firewall there is (windows firewall is very basic and weak so better use a real firewall)

hmmm Blaster virus?

Hehe that was my immediate thought :wink:

Use safe mode ->system restore to a few weeks ago.

Download avgfree & install & scan.