Turn my PC into a DVD duplication tower

Yes, I am a newbie :iagree:
but i know exactly what I need info on.
here it goes. I would like to add at leat 4 (internal) dvdr drives to my pc and have all 4 burn the same file simultaneously. Please give me an idea of all software and hardware i would need to have.

                    This is all for my band. We have enough footage to put together an excellent promotional DVD. I'm trying to see if it is cheaper to add drives to my pc rather than purchasing a DVD duplication tower.

          My PC is a a Compaq P  AMD Athalon xp processor 1.53 ghz
                             *512MB pc2100 DDR
                             *60GB UltraDMA Hard  Drive
                             *GeForce 2 Graphics 32MB
                             *1 pioneer 108 dvdr-+r burner
                             *1 DVD rom drive

As far as software: Nero, Adobe premiere and Encore

I may not be familiar with all computer terminology, but I’ll take any info on the best way to go about doing this. This is so I don’t end up spending a whole ton load a money.

                          Please help me ohh great ones :bow:

IIRC, if you pay for the right version of Nero, you can burn on many drives at once.

I wonder if your system has enough power (speed) to run four drives at the same time (I am not saying it doesn’t, I’m just saying that you should look into it).

Multiple drives surely calls for larger power supply, apart from that system spec looks ok. In fact proberly don’t even need that much RAM 256 should be ok.

You will need another IDE Controller card to host more drives because u have only 4 IDE ports available at the moment.

I do not think this is going to work above 4x - i have 3 burners and simultaneously burning greater than 4x overclogs the PCI bus …

I have no problems though - running all drives on 400W PSU

What version of Nero is needed to burn on many drives at once?

Ben :slight_smile:

I knw most versions allow - in V.5 - it was buggy.

I am using v. Edition and I can burn on as many as I want.

Found it in Nero Burning ROM.

That sure would have been usefull when I had to burn 180 CD-Rs as fast as I could :iagree:

Ben :slight_smile:

lol - it’s great to burn more than once - just that sometimes some systems can’t cut it - PCI BUS overclogged … :frowning:

Thats kind of what I was thinking is can your computer process fast enough or can the controlers or busses handle that much data if you are burning at higher speeds. If it forces you to burn slower it is kind of defeating the purpose (other than less disk swapping perhaps). It kind of depends on your motherboard. You might also be beter off with two controler cards so all drives can be master on each channel…
As far as the power supply, a 400 watt might be plenty if it is a GOOD quality power supply (depending on how many hard drives etc. you have and the power distribution of the particular power supply) but a cheap 400 watt probably won’t handle it.