Turn media on hard drive into an iso file

Hi, I’m not very good at explaining things but will do my best :iagree:
I have a friend who is moving to another country, he has a large capacity external hard drive that he is going to be taking with him on this hard drive he has media (associated with his job) that if possible he’d like to turn it into an ISO so that if he needed it to be more portable he could save it to a DVD.
So my quesion is… Is there a way to change media files already stored on a hard drive to be converted to ISO so can then be burned onto a DVD?

thanks for any help/advice

If no conversion is needed, i.e. if the ISO just needs to contain files already present on the harddrive, then there are several easy and free ways of turning the folders and files into ISO images.

My favourite is to use ImgBurn in Build Mode.

ImgBurn can also burn the ISO images to DVD when needed.

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“media files” of what kind?

Thank you so much, this looks like just what he needs


[QUOTE=chef;2289304]“media files” of what kind?[/QUOTE]

I’m not sure but he’s a maths teacher and he wants to be able to put things on a DVD for teaching in the classroom.


If its only meant to be seen as “data” on a Data DVD then just follow DrageMesters advice please.