Turn files in to image file

Is there a program to Turn files ( txt, cracks,exe ect ect ) in to a Image file of clonecd.
So YES where can I download it.

I hope some wan can help me…???


                The Distroyer.


Why would you need to do this?

It would be far simpler to use Nero Burning ROM to master a CD (means you can write files to CDROM format).

You can use daemon in combination with cdrwin and afterthat you can create an clone cd imagefile with clonecd.

Note : Only have done this with wave file’s never tried it with regular file’s. I think it will work.

Steps to do :

  1. create cue file using cdrwin.
  2. Load cue file into virtual cdrom form daemon tools.
  3. Create image using clonecd by reading from the virtual cdrom.

Good luck.

Burn the files to a cd, then use CloneCD to make an image is the only way I’ve found.

It would be a great addition to Daemon or whatever to have it make an image file when an application tries to burn to it, it makes an image file.

Encountered the same problem when I started using clonecd. The way I previosly explain works fine with burning a cd. I use this so I can create “protected” audio cd’s. It take some extra time to do it compared to just copying a cd.

You should try it.

It works for me.