Turn DW1620 into DW1620 pro?

Hi guys
Can’t find the “pro” anywhere but there are plenty of plain DW1620’s where I live. Is it just a matter of flashing an ordinary DW1620 to the latest firmware to make it a “pro” or are the 2 drives different physically?

The “Pro” came in with the firmware B7P9, which enabled 4x DL writing.

Yes. Flash a retail BenQ DW1620 to firmware B7P9 or newer to make it a pro model. Flash an OEM DW1620 drive to G7P9 in order to make it a pro model. You can also crossflash an OEM drive to B7P9 or any B (retail) firmware. If you do a crossflash however, you void your drive’s warranty. So think long and hard before doing so. It’s up to you.