Turn a TV ---> a PC Monitor

Is there any easy way to do the above [or a hard way.]

I may as well tell u why - i have a VCD Player, but it doesn’t play SVCDs, and niether does my PS2. - and i wanna show a svcd to my family
I can convert the Svcd to VCD but its a long, time consuming process :frowning:

If your videocard does not support video out, there are several hardware converters.

The quality is a seperate discussion, but it is possible to connect your TV to your PC and thus watch your movies SVCDs on a TV.

Trust had (or still has?) one and there are some others…but I have been out of the PC business too long to know what is best at this moment…

im not sure about tv out - i didn’t buy my PC.
I know my graph. card is : Nvida Riva TNT 2 M 64

but it is possible to connect your TV to your PC

  • details please, what kind of leads are required and the lead connects where to where?[plz. be specific]. Also, once connected, is the TV now a monitor and can i perform other [any] operations from it?

Trust had (or still has?) one and there are some others

If you have a cinch or s-vhs connector on your graphics card, besides the plug of your monitor connector, you do not need any additional converter boxes.

If such connection is not present, you will need a box that convert the RGB signal to a PAL (or NTSC) signal.

Such box is (or at least was) sold by Trust:

But you must keep in mind that no matter how big your TV is, the resolution is far less than on a 15" monitor, let alone 17" or bigger monitor.

Sorry I can 't be of more help for you on this one…hopefully someone else can help you out more…(it truly has been too long since I left the PC business)

the info’s pretty clear…but whats VGA/RGB ? [vga was on the trust site]

VGA = Video Graphics Array
RGB = Red Green Blue

VGA signal is the signal from your pc to your monitor, this is in RGB values.

If you look where Da_Taxman said you should find that all of these look as though they ought to do the trick. :slight_smile:





Keep in mind that, when you use a TV as monitor, all windows-related handling (like “windows explorer”, “my computer”, “settings”, “display settings” etc) are very hard to read. Like Taxman says, the resolution on your TV is far less. So text is hard to read. (don’t even try Microsoft Word on your TV;))

A TV is on the other hand better for video; the lower resolution suits fine for compressed video (DivX) and ugly coding-artefacts are not shown on TV.

Therefor, I have connected both a TV and a standard PCdisplay to my pc. The TV for movies, the other display for windows.
(the TV is attached to the TV-out; S-VHS).

WIth a Matrox G550 card (DualHead), there are two VGA/RGB outputs (the second needs an adapter though). With a special cable, the second output can be converted to S-VHS. This setup gives a much better quality on your TV.
(a standard S-VHS TV-output eg like the one on the ATI Radeon gives a weaker signal)

With the Matrox it’s very easy to make DVD backups on videotape. The converting cable has two outputs; one S-VHS and one compsite. I attach the S-VHS to my VCR and the composite to a TV.
Previewing on the TV to tweak the output (removing black borders, setting up the right aspect ratio etc) and when it’s ok, recording to VCR.