Tuning my system

I want to upgrade my machine, but I’,m not rich so I can’t afford all the newest stuff, so if anyone has some alternatives, please let me know…
Here are the specs:

  • Pentium II 350
  • Maxi Gamer Cougar ( Riva TNT2 32 MB )
  • 98 MB Ram ( could it be he only sees 64 MB?)


98? How did you do that?
Tell us what kind of motherboard you have, if you have an BX-chipset based board you can just by a new cpu. Otherwise it would be cheaper to by an Athlon.
Also a HD upgrade might do good.
So tell us more about your system.


Yeah , I read the discussion between Pentium and Athlon , I just wanna play games so I think an Athlon would do fine.

With 98 MB I meant 96 ( 64MB + 32 MB ) I eh…borrowed the 32 somewhere. I only have a 4 gb. hd. so that’s gotta improve too.

How bout you post how much you wanna spend?
You should probably get some more ram, and a new processor, your current video card should last you a bit longer.


Thanx for the reactions, I just got my “vakantiegeld” and now I’ll have enough to spend , so what should I do? My motherboard has a BX based chipset, so I guess I could by an Athlon, which one do you prefer? And of course a new HD ( is 27 Gb enough 7200 rpm? ) And is memory still too expensive? Thanx

I think you didn’t understand my post.
When you have a BX chipset you can put a faster cpu on your board, from Intel! Maximum of 800 mhz.
If you wouldn’t have had a BX, but LX for example then it would have been cheaper to buy a new motherboard with an Athlon cpu.
Tell us how much money you’ve got to spend and then we can setup a nice system for you.


Hoplakee, I just bought 128 MB sdram for FL.150.–, hehehehe, so now I’ve got about Fl.800.-- to spend