TuneIn radio app disappoints many users – requires social login



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The popular mobile radio app TuneIn receives a lot of negative comments after the release of their latest version which requires users to login to Google or Facebook. Besides the mandatory login, users also complain the app frequently crashes.

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This is one reason I’m turning back to FM radio and even started this thread.

Besides the issues with TuneIn, many streaming stations have also dropped their bitrates, some to the point where they sound like AM. For example, a few stations that use to be 128kbps are now 96kbps or as low 48kbps with no higher bitrate stream options. Many radio stations have also become geographically locked, so require a VPN to listen, e.g. Heat radio UK use to be 128kbps MP3 and tuned in fine here. Now it’s 48kbps AAC and geographically locked to the UK.

As FM reception is fairly poor where I live, I’ve ordered a much more sensitive radio and may get a decent FM aerial for it. I look forward to getting decent sound again, particularly off the local radio stations that only stream in 48kbps WMA or 64kbps MP3.


IMHO, 128k isn’t enough for a 2 channel 44.1+khz stream, especially if there are elements like cymbals, castanets or words that have either an ‘s’ or ‘sh’ in their spelling.

I used to listen to last.fm, until they stopped streaming from their own servers, and started mass-embedding YouTube music videos instead. Last time I tried to listen to this site, half of the songs it tries to play showed me an error, which disappeared before I could read it, as the site moved on to the next music videe. I suppose there are removed videos the site couldn’t possibly know about.

As for TuneIn, there’s nothing wrong with making money as long as you don’t screw everyone around you in the process. Forcing listeners to log identify themselves via social media will, at the very least, lead to temptation to abuse the data these networks will inevitably give out, which might be the very reason behind this move. I can certainly see why people would be angry. I will be sure to avoid this service.


Sean~ when you get your FM aerial try and get a masthead amplifier. This will help to overcome any loss on the down lead, it is surprising how a couple of db’s gain quietens the background hiss whilst on stereo. The mounting site is also an important decision as is the forward gain of the aerial array.
I am fortunate to live in a good signal strength area so I have mounted the aerial in the roof but use a distribution amplifier for four outputs around the house.
How is free view in your area because most of the national channels are on there but alas not classic FM.


I’ve gotten annoyed with Tune-In. They use geo-blocking on a number of American radio stations, but if you go to those radio station websites (or download their individual apps) the radio station isn’t blocked at all. I’m not sure why Tune In is so anal on the blocking, but it makes the service mostly unusable for me, because my favorite station is based out of Seattle (and I’m in Canada).