Hello I used Tunebite with Napster for the free trial but now I’m on to RealRhapsody. I am wondering if the method still works for the subscription tracks still works. If it does can somebody give me a guide.

I just got MuvAudio so if there’s a guide to that it would be nice. Is there no way to make Tunebite/MuvAudio open the files in RealRhapsody Player?

I am using LAME 3.97b with Tunebite 2.0 i believe, and what I want to know is how do I duplicate the:

-V2 --vbr-new

Lame setting within Tunebite? Does anybody know?

Oh yeah, and to transcode with Rhapsody, you have to download your subscription WMA songs to your harddrive, and then select them through Tunebite or MuvAudio.