I’m a newb and having trouble copying a few songs to my Sandisk 1GB. I keep getting an error that the file or directory can’t be created. I first thought it was because the WMA’s were copy protected so I ran through Tunebite but I’m still getting the same error message. If somebody could lend me a hand I’d appreciate it.

Hi Dieseldoug and welcome to the forums,

Are you sure there isnt a write-protect switch or something on the settings of the player like that?
What songs are you trying to copy over?

I rencently started using Tunebite. It works good, however I have noticed that it cuts off the first few seconds of most songs?

I have come to the conclusion that this is occurring when you cue up a playlist in media player and run Tunebite in auto mode. It is almost as if Tunebite is not completely finished with the previous song, before the new one starts recording.

Any help in this issue would be greatly appreciated. I sent Tunebite an email as well, but no reply.

If there is a way to set mediaplayer to pause a certain time between songs. Don’t think so.

Anyone else seeing this issue?

Please help!! Thanks! :sad:

I have not that problem with my Tunebite because I always use the manualy mode. So try to use the manualy mode.

For the end of April there is a new release of Tunebite announced. So I will download at beginning of May the new version and install it in the same folder of my current Tunebite release. The Tunebite Support told me that my license will registered. So for all Tunebite users:

New release for free download is availabe at the end of April
So download at http://www.tunebite.com

If you use the manualy mode you can use Tunebite for Apple iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Musicmatch, AOL and for instance Musicload to re-record DRM protected songs in protected wma, m4p, aac or other file format. Have fun and music!!! CU

There are all kinds of threads about this very topic in the Audio and P2P forums . . . might be helpful to check them out.