Tunebite will not start to convert



hey there
i have windwos 7 ultimate
and tunebite 6.0.xxx

i dont think it has to do with win7, cause it worked on vista …
nevertheless i will explain my problem.
i made the hsd -test and it tells me, that there are 28 slots, and i can record with 1x speed …

but when i start to record, it plays the music at the loudest and gets stuck at 0:00 …after the song is done there is something like “number of slots too high” and i dont have my un-DRM-ed files …

i did start Tunebite as an administrator, i checked all drivers, installed realtek, started tunebite with the compability mode of vista sp2 and reinstalled it too often, to be honest …

any suggestionswhat else might help?


I don’t use TB, maybe try V7…It’s supposedly Win7 compatible…According to google that is!..:wink: