Tunebite, using it perfectly ( no cut offs, perfect duration )

Ok here is a tunebite guide to help anyone that is having problems with it.

First you need 2 programs:
#1) Tunebite ( google this and get a ‘fix’ or buy it! )
#2) Advanced MP3 Converter ( google this and get a ‘fix’ or buy it! )

Setup - Tunebite:
Volume settings: totally up to you, don’t turn it too high or it caps off the peaks, use your own settings for this as it does not matter with how it records it.

Input Device: Set this to your sound card always! do not use microcrap sound mapper it really does suck

Input type: Wave, I’ve tried alot of them it works the best.

Edit: Using auto mode the track comes out to be 1 second shorter than the wma file which comes off the end of the song normally, no big deal for me.

Output File Type: use the default vorbis encoder it comes with and output to .ogg files and then use the MP3 Converter to convert them ( plus you can see the duration of the .ogg / play them in it )

Mode: Really either one works, Auto or Manual the thing is, Auto mode can slug up if you don’t have a decently nice computer or are lacking ram I suggest you do Manual Mode since it will open each file individually and put a delay between recording otherwise try either one.

Hope this helps anyone trying to record music and rock on!

Hey got a question. During the conversion process, at the end of each song, tunebite tries to open the song again for a brief duration (about 3 seconds). It then stops that, THEN goes to the next song. So it dgoes like thsi:

  1. first Song plays and converts
  2. Same song reopens for 3 seconds and starts to play again
  3. Song stops.
  4. next song opens and converts

You know what i think i just thought of the answer. i have windows media player set on “repeat” and I bet that is what the problem is. If not i’ll let you know. I’ll deselect it when i get home.

im with you by the way. I no longer need virtuosa. I got about 20 gb of stuff while it was good. Now I am on “maintain” mode where i just need a “few” albums (20-30) a week. And these can be done while I am sleeping or at work with tunebite. Soon it will be that I only need 5-10 albums a week as I am running out of stuff I want. Hell half the stuff I have I wont be able to listen to, as there arent enough hours in the day. I have about 10k songs (alot i own already). that is about 500-600 hours of music. If i listened to music ALL day at work it would take me about 4 months to listen to it all. Thats ridiculous.

I’m assuming from other posts here that Tunebite keeps ID3 info?
Also, before I go buying it, it will work with batches so I could cue up 100 songs walk away and come back to find my files tagged and individualized?

Thanks for the answers to what I’m sure are simple questions!


The .ogg does keep the ID3 Tags and using Advanced MP3 Converter you can enable ID3v2 tags to be kept.

You can que as much music as Windows media player can que to record.
Realize there could be an error or something along the way but techniqually it should run smooth and play all 100 songs and tag them.

It will not seperate them into folders by album/artist though.

Note to everyone: make sure you download the newest version of tunebite as well since they just updated it and it works the best :slight_smile:

Be glad to anwser any more questions people have.

Thanks for the reply.

Sorting into album/artist isn’t an issue since I could let a tagging program do that for me.
I just wanted to make sure, since tunebite records in the background, that I won’t get a single file 1 GB long with only pauses between songs! If it will keep each song separate then I could deal with this.

Besides, I have a separate OC’d mobile XP box just for tasks like this…24x7! is new version?

The newest version is whatever you can dl from tunebite.com it really is a small small download so I suggest just reinstall if you’re not sure.

I really REALLY suggest you use tunebite and advanced MP3 Converter ( it works the best for me ) the Converter keeps the tags on but it will not sort it into folders but it’s really easy to manually do that if you can see the tags already.

Tunebite will never get you a 1gb song miles long, it gets the track duration from windows media player and only cuts off ±1 second at the very end because of absolute silence ( 90% of the time it is exact duration ).

Use the default Vorbis encoder.

Edit: One thing for all people to know, your Virgin Digital Method will eventually be fixed they will never ever beable to fix tunebite or any other program like it.

how do i upgrade? i just bought a few days ago, has it been upgraded since then. the support on the prog is lousy.

just install over whatever you have right now it should be fine…

Awesome!! Thanks xfuzion. seems to working okay.

I just used auto mode to do 2 hours of music while I slept and not a SINGLE ONE is more than 1 second off of original duration and is tagged with original ID3v2 tags.

there are two good programs to convert ogg to mp3 and keep the tags.
FairStars Audio Converter 1.51 and Acoustica Audio Converter Pro.

Advanced MP3 Converter does it also ( what I use ).

Yup. This seems to be working okay. Just burned a CD and don’t hear any background noise and does not skip. Like xfuzion, said it does cut off a few seconds from the song but come on that is not a big deal.

everything works. converted the songs to ogg and them to mp3 and wav using advanced mp3 converter and it worked and converted fast, the only thing that is slow is when your converting the protected .wma file to ogg using tunebite, will take as long as the song is.

Hopefully nothing happens to tunebite, seems like its the only thing that works so far. can’t beat virtuosa that was the boom, it coverted everything fast and did not skip or cut off. thanks xfuzion for the post.

1 what version is the latest? i have 1.2.04
2. if i need to redownload, isnt it going to ask me for credit card info again? or do i just sign in with my user anme and go? it seems to want me to pay again.

When I try to use tunebite the song that I am recording sounds like crap or it gets choppy…am I doing something wrong?

mine is a little choppy here and there but overall its okay. guess this is the only option we have right now. since virtuosa is gone and there seems to be no other program that can crack the protected wma files.

hmm that is really wierd, how good is your sound card / computer because I have no difference in quality at all.

I have an alienware pc…I had to mess with the settings a little bit and now it sounds really good