Tunebite Upgrade

Several years ago I purchased Tunebite 4. I used it to convert my Audible.com formatted files to MP3. My questions regard upgrading to version 6.

  1. What are the key differences between 4 and 6?

  2. Will I have to pay for the upgrade?

  3. If so, will I have to pay the full purchase price?

  4. Since I only use it to convert spoken word files is it worth upgrading?

  5. If not, where can I find a copy of v4 (I have my key.)



We wish you a happy new year!
Tunebite changed quite a lot in the last years, so there is a major difference between version 4 and 6.
Tunebite 6 is a universal converter for once, not only a DRM converter
It now supports over 100 audio and video formats
You can now also download music and videos with it
The speed Tunebite now works with is 54x
A Perfect Audio function makes it possible to guarantee perfect audio during the re-recording process.

You will have to pay for the new version but not the full price, you will get a considerable discount. You’ll only have to write to the support team (support@audials.com) so they can track you down in the system.

Tunebite 6 works with over 100 formats, you should have no problems in converting yours. You can also check here to see some of the available formats: http://tunebite.com/en/audio_video_drm_copy_protection/formats/index.html

Have fun!