Tunebite troubles! Help Please



Tunebite was working really good for me using Rhapsody songs that I downloaded from Rhapsody to go. I had to do something to WMP to get it to work (I had WMP 11.) For some reason, I upgraded again to WMP 11, and Tunebite stopped working. Tried to do a system restore, it went back to Version 10, but it is still asking about licenses for songs when I try to record. I am subscribed to Rhapsody to Go, and these are songs that I have downloaded from the service. Can anyone tell me how to get tunebite to work again? I am sure it is WMP, but I don’t know how to fix it.


I couldn’t tell you the last time I used Tunebite. Does it work on the new file type that Rhapsody uses?


If you are reffering to the .rax files from Rhapsody, then Tunebite doesn’t convert them.
But you don’t have to get them as .rax files. You can get them also as .wma and then Tunebite will convert them without problems


I haven’t bothered with Rhapsody/Tunebite in a while . . . I wasn’t aware that you could get them as .wma’s though.


It needs you to authenticate some third party mp3 player with their system, then you can get them in .wma too. I didn’t try the process myself, but if anyone is really interested in this, there is a complete description in the Rhapsody FAQ’s


The are many problems with rax format, some programs in general don’t converting this type of file. I even give up to download music from Rhapsody.
But one week ago I read about TuneCab converter, there is some talk, it is rumoured that it’s a new version of tunebitte, I tested and I can say that it really work.