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This may be obvious to everyone here, so forgive me. I have been fooling around with Tunebite to try to get improved recordings from protected WMA files into MP3 format. I am using LAME. The newer version of Tunebite does a much better job of setting LAME from within the program. I was, however, experiencing varied results in copying my Napster tracks over to MP3. Mostly, these seemed to be low volume on some tracks. I had assumed that this had something to do with the quality of the original file on Napter (there are variously encoded tracks there using WM 7,8 and 9, 9 sounding MUCH better).
Anyhow, here is the “obvious” part—Tunebite uses WMP 9 or 10 to play tracks that it records (or iTunes), and you have to make sure the volume control in WMP is set all the way up. You can turn your system volume up, down, mute, etc without screwing anything up, but if you have your WMP volume down, you get a very low volume recording. Don’t laugh if you all knew this already–I am learning this through trial and error.


Here’s an even better tip:

Use MuvAudio. Not only is MuvAudio completely FREE, but it is also MUCH BETTER than Tunebite. No “audio cut off of the beginning” problems. Better control of the encoding format and more encoding format options. Better auto-set for audio level.

One of the rare instances where freeware (MuvAudio) blows costware (TuneBite) out of the water.


From reading the user forum on muvaudio, it appears they had the same cutoff problem TuneBite had. TuneBite fixed this in their current release, as it appears Muvaudio did, too. It pretty much looks like the same program, but Muvaudio seems to have more features for removing converted files, etc… Other than that, I already have TuneBite, so I’ll stick with it. If I had not yet spent the 11.99, though, I would definately try Muvaudio.


Muvaudio doesn’t even work for me… I guess I don’t have something installed that it needs.

To whoever said that Muvaudio doesn’t have those cut off problems, you’re wrong. EVERY re-recording program does.


To whoever said that Muvaudio doesn’t have those cut off problems, you’re wrong. EVERY re-recording program does.[/QUOTE]

Not true. If u manually record an audio stream and start/stop when u want then u obviously won’t have cut off problems. Otherwise, in the case of Tunebite, the easiest way is to play one track at a time in auto-record mode…then u don’t hv the cut-off prob at the start of the next song.


I agree with calenture. Older versions of www.tunebite.com had those problems, but the problem is fixed now.
I just tested MuvAudio and it looks nice, but for me Tunebite remains the prefered one, especially for how easy I can work with it. It’s true that it costs 15$ but i prefer paying this money and have a technical support also for it . :bigsmile:


no matter what I do I still get the cut off at the beginning…does great with iTunes stuff but when it comes to napster tunes it gets cut off…


man, maybe I’m an idiot, but my tunebite doesn’t work… it gives me an error message and doesn’t open the file. Says I don’t have rights to listen to the track… wtf? how the hell do you use this thing anyway, do you have to have napster open?


You have to be connected to the innerweb and have an updated license to play the protected file.

Can you play the file via WMP?


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