Tunebite sound quality problems

hey guys. i just got new klipsch speakers and the sound quality is amazing. ive tried to alter just about every variable you can with tunebite to make the recording sound as good as the original, but the copies all sound a bit muffled. it just irks to hear the protected wmas from rhapsody sound fantastic and the copies sound subpar, especially since i dished out all this money on the speakers. ive tried ogg, mp3 wma, different bitrates, all sound muffled to me. so does anyone know how to make nearly exact duplicates of the songs? will changing the volume of my soundcard while recording affect anything? thank you, and i know i don’t capitalize anything so don’t blast me for it.

The best copy you will get is an uncompressed or lossless compressed copy. Meaning, for instance, WAV or FLAC.

ok, well what program do i need to make a wav or flac?

According to

Tunebite does not convert; it plays and rerecords that playback in whatever new format you select.
I can’t imagine how this could possibly avoid noticable loss of audio quality. Thanks very much for sharing your first-hand experience on that. – If anyone has experience with a more recent version of Tunebite doing a better job, please post.
Bottom line: the problem is [I]not[/I] the format you convert TO.:disagree:

Hi there,

I also read the article you are referring to and I find it not to be entirely accurate or true or objective or whatever…:disagree:
First, AIK, in order to remove the DRM, and this legally, the files have to be rerecorded, so that the original files are not harmed.
As for the fact that Tunebite converts only audio, not video, is not entirely true, as Tunebite Platinum converts the video formats also.
I use Tunebite Platinum and I cannot complain;)