Tunebite Sound Problems

Hi everyone,

When recording using Tunebite, I’m finding that the songs that are copied to my HD are generally fine - no sound quality issues.

However, when I transfer them to my mp3 player, I get occasional “blips” and “noises” on the songs that are really annoying. I can’t seem to get these noises when I play using winamp on my computer however. Therefore, is my mp3 player creating these?

I have an Audigy SE sound card, and am recording at 192 kbps using the 2-4X high speed dubbing. I’m using the wma format to record. The other options are ogg and mp3.

Just wondering if there are any tips to making the sound quality better?

Any help is appreciated.

What model is your player? Do the same glitches happen with ogg and mp3 too?
By the way, if your player reads ogg it’s a much better idea to encode in that format instead of wma.

This is one I have:

Product Details: SanDisk SDMX1-256-A18 MP3 Player
Product Details Installed Memory 256 MB
Audio Format WMA DRM, WMA, MP3
Battery Life 15 hour(s)
Weight 0.06 lbs

I haven’t tried the other formats yet (guess I should have) - was just looking to see if anyone had the same problems.

It’s weird - I literally play the file on my mp3 player and then my computer at the same spot in the song, and can’t get the computer version to “blip” like my mp3 player does.

BTW - what does WMA DRM mean? Does this mean it plays “licensed” versions of the files as well as regular wma files?

I have heard about high bitrate VBR MP3 and WMA tracks causing issues in certain players, particularly if the bitrate spikes above a level which the player cannot support. For example, if a player does not support MP3 at 320kbps, then if a variable bitrate MP3 is played with a few frames spiking at 320kbps, these will cause playback issues.

If you have been using constant bitrate (CBR), then I’m not fully sure what may be causing the issue, particularly if the song plays fine on your PC. I would seriously recommend giving MP3 a try, as the MP3 format is not as sore on batteries as WMA (in most players). To use the MP3 format, you need to you have the file lame_enc.dll on your PC. Have a search for this file as it usually comes with Winamp, Nero and several other software packages that use LAME as its encoding engine. If you don’t have this dll, this can be downloaded from Rarewares.org (go into the MP3 section).

The WMA DRM support means that the player will support DRM protected tracks, such as music purchased from Napster. Note that unless it has “PlaysForSure” support, it will not play unlimited subscription based WMA DRM music as far as I recall.

Thanks - I’ll give mp3 a try. I have the lame_enc.dll file and have recorded mp3’s before. Guess I’ll go back and see if it works.

I’ve been using 192 kbps CBR, and my player should accomodate this. Who knows…

Anyone else found this when they use a portable player?

I use WMA ususally. I had the same problem, so I just turned the digital dubbing speed down and it worked like a charm.

I don’t think it’s a problem with the digital dubbing speed - I’ve gone down to 2X and still get the same problem, but only on my mp3 player.

The HD file appears to be fine?

Using Tunebite, I re-recorded a couple of songs as mp3’s instead of wma files.

I then took a song and transferred it to my mp3 player, and left the problem wma file on it as well. I then played them both - the wma file had the stuttering, and the mp3 version was perfect.

Thanks for the advice!

Probably just problems with the decoder chip.
Try dbPowerAmp to convert the songs; it never gave me conversion problems.